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What can be done About Car Dents ?

One of the worst sights a car owner can spot is dents. It does not matter how the dents got there, all that matters is the quicker they disappear the better off a car owner feels.

Taking a car into the auto body shop for dent removal can be a costly endeavour. Take heart in knowing this is not the only option available. There are several ways a car owner can remove the dents in the privacy of a personal garage. Some dents are unable to be removed by a non-professional. In these situations, there is no other option than to visit the local auto body shop.

For the dents that can be removed, start by visiting a car repair retail shop. Dent removal kits consume a huge amount of space on store shelves. Each includes all the tools needed for the average do-it-yourself weekend car repair enthusiast.

In lieu of utilizing a drill to work on those dents, many of the do-it-yourself removal kits opt for suction cups. Depending on the type of dent removal kit, any relative item to a suction cup may be used instead of a drill.

To get started, locate a dolly tool that specializes in the flattening and reshaping of metal. Add to this a metalworking hammer and the dent removal kit.

Pinpoint the centre of the dent. Place the suction cup or similar tool on this spot. For added removal strength, utilize the glue stick that is included in many dent removal kits. Attach a handle to the suction cup for better leverage in pulling the dent outward.

Slowly begin to pull the suction cup and attached handle away from the centre of the dent. This will flatten the dent out. Next take the metalworking hammer to tap the front portion of the dent. Keep the dolly firmly planted against the back side of the dent. For this, going underneath the car exterior or through the car hood may be required.

Take a medium grit disk attached to a drill and remove the paint down to the metal. Create a section at a minimum one inch radius around the dent. Fill this area with a body filler product. Once this area has dried, wrap a piece of sandpaper around a wood block and sand it. Start with a 36 grit paper and finish with a 120 grit paper.

With the area now sanded, apply six coats of auto designed primer. Let each coat dry before applying the next. Sand the area again with a 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper application. This step eliminates any non-visible scratches on the dent surface.

Many auto body shops specialize in mobile dent removal. This process brings the auto body shop to the customer whether at home, at work or at play. Weather conditions are the only factor that can affect this revolutionary auto body repair process. Most dent removal repairs can be completed in a period of one hour or less. In rare occurrences extreme dent removal repair can only be completed in the brick and mortar shop. 


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"Hi - Just had your guy Steve out to repair my car, unbelievable he's restored my pride and joy to it's former glory!! One of the few things I can say these days was money well spent! Thanks to all concerned
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John Edwards (Bridgend)

"Just wanted to say THANK YOU my local bodyshop quoted £260 to repair a small dent in my front wing your guy removed it for £60"

S Thomas (Swansea)